P&P carries out surveys with millimeter precision using the latest generation of ground laser scanners which guarantees an innovative workflow with the possibility to analyze the data collected by the instrument directly in the field. The result provides a very dense set of points, called point clouds, which allow us to obtain all the geometric data required for a precision investigation. In addition, the RGB data relating to the color of the surfaces are also detected through the high-definition cameras, which the instrument is equipped with, which allow us to return an overview from the pictures taken.

The investigation with laser scanner allows us to optimize and reduce the execution times of the survey, at the same time obtaining a data with millimeter precision able to capture every little detail. Thanks to the millions of points detected it is possible to have a degree of completeness such as to avoid returning to the site, for example due to the lack of measures. From the point clouds it is possible to process 2D surveys or three-dimensional models in BIM perspective.

To obtain a complete survey even of the less accessible areas, such as roofs, aerial photographic surveys performed by drone (UAV) are used. Thanks to high-resolution photographs and the use of special software, it is possible to extrapolate and process point clouds to be associated and merged with the data obtained by laser scanners.

We also offer investigation services with drone with aerial shots and inspections on structures and areas that are difficult to access (chimneys, bridges, building facades, roofs, landslides), guaranteed the return of high-quality images and videos. Aerial shots can be processed with specific software with the return of point clouds that can also be used by the most recent Building Information Modeling (BIM) design methods.

P&P has personnel qualified as APR pilots with authorization to operate in critical areas and ENAC authorizations.