Environment lab

Environment lab

The chemical environmental P&P laboratory helps the clients to get licences and to keep under control the impact of their production activity on the environment.

The laboratory makes analysis of envirnomental pollution and waste as regards to its characterization, disposal, recycling or dumping; it also can analyse samples of ground, soil and subsoil and evaluate polluting substances either organic and inorganic.

In particular, it performs analysis of excavated earth and rocks and the characterization of waste from demolition materials to verify compliance with the regulations in force for these analyzes.

The laboratories P & P LMC srl also performs laboratory tests on recycled aggregates for the evaluation of performance characteristics according to Annexes C1, C2, C3, C4 of circular 5025 dated 15.07.2005 and CE marking.

The laboratory is also very active as regards drawings and analysis concerning emissions in the atmosphere; in particular it can deal with:
Requests for authorisation for emissions in the athmosphere
Analysis of the atmospheric pollution
Drawings and analysis of emission from industrial chimney

Moreover the laboratory makes sampling and chemical/microbiological analysis of drinking, underground, surface and waste waters and carries out other services such as:
Inspection of industrial and civil waste
Requests for authorization to discharging into the sewerage system
Checking of waters from piezometric well in order to verify any pollution of the water table

Working in sinergy with the engineering sector, the laboratory is also involved in all the matters concerning health and security in working environments with a particular attention to surveys and analysis for the mapping of risks from dangerous chemical substances dispersed in the air.

The P&P LMC Srl Company also offers services of sampling with the professional support of very qualified geologists registered as members in the professional Roll, in order to prepare plans for the subsoil characterization with the ground mapping, and to draw eventual reclamation schemes.

The laboratory is equipped with scanning electron microscope (SEM) with variable pressure with EDS microanalysis and metallizer for the analysis of asbestos in different matrices. This instrument is equipped with acceleration voltage up to 20 kV as required by the Ministerial Decree of 06.09.1994 for the determination of asbestos