Mechanical tests lab

Mechanical tests lab

Control and qualification of industrial products and packaging systems by carrying out static, dynamic, seismic and mechanical fatigue tests.

The laboratory carries out activities aimed to control and to qualify industrial products and packaging systems through the application of static, dynamic (vibration and shock), seismic and mechanical fatigue testing.

It provides advice on the interpretation of the applicable standards and support for the definition of any mechanical elements to be realized interface with the testing machines.




Control and qualification of industrial products

The industrial product includes electromechanical components, components for railway equipments and rolling stocks, and components for the aviation, aerospace, automotive, marine and military. For these products, typical testing activities include vibration tests for the functional verification in the presence of disturbing environmental conditions (vibrations, earthquakes, …) and / or the simulation of whole periods of exercise. Tests can be conducted through the application of vibration tests with sinusoidal excitation (“sine”), with random excitation (“random”), combined (“sine” on “random”, “random on” random “) or seismic (“transient”).

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Tests on components for railway infrastructure

The laboratory has been qualified by RINA and authorized by RFI for testing and qualification of components for rail infrastructure. We perform tests on railway platforms, fastening systems, sleepers (static, dynamic, fatigue and electrical resistance), tests on welded rails, elastomeric materials and tests on on-board components of rolling stock and signaling systems.

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Tests on packaging systems

The packaging systems, that during the distribution cycle may be subject to significant mechanical stresses, such as stacking in warehouses, shocks caused by dropping, vibration and shock loading during transportation, are subjected to tests of resistance to vibration and shock, static load, impact and environmental hazard.

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Testing of personal fall protection equipment – Anchor devices

Anchor devices are subjected to static and dynamic strength and integrity tests according to EN 795: 2012, UNI 11578, UNI / TS 16415 CEN standards.

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