Building Materials Lab

Building Materials Lab

  1. The Materials Testing Laboratory of P&P LMC srl is an Official Laboratory pursuant to Law 1086/71 art. 20 and D.P.R. 380/01 art. 59.

The Official Laboratory is authorized by the Superior Council of Public Works to carry out tests on concrete cubes and reinforcing bars for the issue of official Certificates valid for the testing of the structures; with the new Technical Regulations referred to in the D.M. 17.01.2018, also the sampling from the structures (cores and extraction of bars) and the compression and traction tests, for the evaluation of existing buildings, must be carried out by an Official Laboratory.

The Materials Testing Laboratory performs tests for the CE marking of construction materials, according to the CPR 305/11 regulation and in accordance with the relative harmonized product standards

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Request for Material Test: concrete and reinforcing bars

Request for Material Test: steel for carpentry

Request for Material Test: concrete carrots

Request for Load Test : on plate, lift, on poles

Request for Load Test : on screws

The activities of the Laboratory are aimed at:
Manufacturers of building materials
Designers and Works Management
Sector Technicians and Testers
Certification Bodies
Technical Consultants
which is offered an integral service of technical support and assistance in the fields of civil and infrastructural engineering, thanks to the execution of a wide range of tests on building materials both in the laboratory and in the field.

The high number of tests carried out mainly involves concretes, reinforcements, strands and wires, electro-welded meshes and meshes, laminated steels, bricks, elements for masonry, aggregates, bituminous conglomerates, cements and mortars, additives and mixing waters, added (fly ash , silica fume, etc.), natural stones, concrete paving stones, diagnostics of cultural heritage in the civil sector.
Petrographic surveys are performed with observation of the stereomicroscope and polarizing optical microscope, thermogravimetric analysis.

The activities of the Materials Testing Laboratory:

Hardened concrete

Compression test on cubes (acceptance check L. 1086/71) – UNI EN 12390-3
Compression tests on carrots taken on site (checking existing structures, NTC 2018), after preparation of the test surfaces – UNI EN 12504-1 UNI EN 12390-3
Flexural strength – UNI EN 12390-5
Indirect tensile strength (Brazilian) – UNI EN 12390-6
Volumetric mass of hardened concrete – UNI EN 12390-7
Depth of penetration of water under pressure – UNI EN 12390-8
Resistance to freezing thaw with de-icing salts – UNI CEN / TS 12390-9
Compression secant elastic modulus UNI 6556 – UNI EN 12390-13
Hydraulic withdrawal – UNI 11307
Removal of concrete carrots on existing structures according to NTC 2018

Fresh concrete
Withdrawal on the construction site of small cubes for the purpose of checking acceptance (Law 1086/71)
Qualification of concrete mixtures
Series of tests on fresh concrete – UNI EN 12350
Series of self-compacting concrete tests (scc) – UNI EN 12350
Water content and determination of the A / C ratio – UNI 11201

Characterization tests according to CPR 305/11

Ferrous and non-ferrous materials
Tensile tests on basic or welded materials
Hot traction tests
Resilience tests on ambient or lower temperature
Fold proofs
Hardness tests