Acoustic measures and analysis

Acoustic measures and analysis


Environmental acoustics

P&P has an important experience in the execution of environmental monitoring campaigns related to the construction of major road and railway infrastructures, industrial settlements and construction sites. The company has numerous instruments for this purpose and is therefore able to carry out even complex environmental phonometric surveys.


Prospective studies

P&P performs, through the use of dedicated specialized software such as SoundPLAN, Ramsete, Raynoise and Noise Insulation, predictive studies aimed at assessing the acoustic climate and the acoustic impact related to construction or production activities or to the operation of transport infrastructures. It also performs studies and calculations concerning the assessment of passive acoustic requirements of buildings and in the field of architectural acoustics (STI, RaSTI, reverberation times, acoustic corrections).

Laboratory tests

P&P has a reverberation chamber suitable for the execution of laboratory tests aimed at evaluating the soundproofing and sound absorption characteristics of products and components or for the characterization of the power or sound pressure of machines and equipment according to the specific reference standards.

Ratings and AcousticTesting

In order to design or verify the acoustic characteristics and parameters of buildings and the external environment, P&P carries out studies and evaluations together with on-site experimental surveys aimed at verifying and testing pre-dimensioned design solutions. To perform the experimental activity, use of class 1 integrating sound level meters, treading machine, dodecahedral source and directional box with noise generator are used.


P&P operates in the field of safety in the workplace, dealing, among the different issues, that of the assessment of noise risk in the workplace. Through the execution of experimental surveys on site, a proper risk assessment is carried out, proposing, where necessary, an optimization of the prevention measures and a support in the selection of suitable hearing protectors to be used.